ATDF's Tap City Youth Ensemble performs for grades K-12 in a production we call
Tappin' Into New York. It is a high energy, educational show exploring the history of tap dance and its connection to New York City.





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The Duke Ellington Center for the Arts was founded by Duke’s granddaughter, Mercedes Ellington, to further the legacy of this American icon. Mercedes Ellington is the Founder, President and Artistic Director of The Center and Marilyn Lester is the Executive Director. The mission of The Duke Ellington Center for the Arts is to further Duke Ellington's creative legacy and his philosophy of human harmony“beyond category.” The Center mounts performances marrying Ellington's music with other art forms, especially dance and theater; and also sponsors a variety of educational initiatives. As funding for the Arts and Arts Education continues to diminish, the Center’s commitment to these areas strengthens. The Center furthers knowledge of Duke Ellington as a composer, lyricist, bandleader, performer, artist, and writer. The Center also strives to keep an historically accurate record of all things Ellington for the benefit of future generations.

Duke Ellington Center for the Arts

The American Tap Dance Foundation is excited to embark on a new collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center.  Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Middle School Jazz Academy and the Tap City Youth Ensemble join forces to bring talented young musicians and dancers together to share their musical and rhythmic ideas and explore jazz culture.  They will inform, inspire and expand the horizons of each other as developing young artists.




Middle School Jazz Academy

PS 3 ’til 6 is an afterschool program serving PreK through 5th grade students in the PS 3 community. In addition to child care, they offer a variety of classes in fitness and sports, visual and performing arts, (including tap classes at the American Tap Dance Center) cooking and nutrition, foreign languages, science and technology and multiple crafts.




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The Mission of the International Tap Association is to promote the understanding, preservation and development of tap dance as an art form" and was founded in 1987 at the Colorado Dance Festival. To serve the needs of tap’s art and artists, the ITA has established advocacy programs and special projects to educate dance professionals and the public about tap, helping it take its respected place in the larger world of dance. By providing information to producers, ITA has encouraged the creation of new venues and touring circuits - increasing performing opportunities that benefit both audiences and artists. ITA assists in preserving this American art, once in danger of being lost, by encouraging archival documentation and research as well as by serving as a clearing house for the media, producers, scholars, educators and artists. As an organization, ITA encourages tap dancers and devotees to unite and collectively work for positive solutions. We invite you to join us in this quest and to enjoy the many personal benefits of ITA membership.


Dance/NYC is the New York branch office of Dance/USA, the national service organization for professional dance. Dance/USA was established in 1982 in Washington, DC and formed Dance/NYC in 2002 in response to the need for local service in the New York region. Dance/NYC operates under Dance/USA’s 501(c)(3) and reports to Dance/USA’s Board of Directors, but has a local advisory committee that works more closely with the organization and its projects. The full Dance/USA organization includes the national office and its three branch offices in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

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