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photo by Debi Field


Friday, July 15, 2016 (5:30pm & 6pm)

Five Points, Foley Square, 111 Worth Street

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Tap It Out is a free, public and outdoor event that will be presented and performed TWO times downtown at Foley Square which was once known as the historic Five Points District where "Tap Dance" was born and developed.

Tap It Out is a contemporary percussion and movement  “soundscape” that promotes TAP DANCE as pure music, while consciously deconstructing the basics elements that propel tap forward. Worldwide students of all ages and levels, join with local professionals to create a chorus of 300 tapping feet.

Tap It Out is a pre-choreographed orchestral collage of A cappella unison rhythms, contrapuntal sequences, individual riffs, movements and grooves. Numerous 8 and 16 bar phrases are developed through repetition, creating multiple canons and conversations, mixing and blending unison segments with overlaid beats that build to crescendos or diminish to a silence creating a super “hybrid” explosion of tones and rhythms. Think Brenda Bufalino meets Busby Berkley meets Stomp!

“As a producer and director, I am always trying to find new ways of inspiring the next generation of hoofers, creating and building new audiences and educating the general public about this wonderful, yet very complex American art form we call Tap Dance. Tap It Out is not only an opportunity to celebrate the form, but also to expand and challenge the limited perception that tap dance is either old fashioned, only for the exceptionally talented or too immature to be taken seriously.

Tap is for everyone, and can be enjoyed as an audience or as a participant. Gregory Hines said “if you have a pair of tap shoes you’re in. If you want it, then we want you!” 

This inspired me to continue with that philosophy, and to share in the joy and opportunities that Tap Dance has given me. Through extensive Tap partnerships and collaboration I have traveled the world hearing and seeing thousands of dancers, novice to professionals, expand that awareness step by step, year after year, helping to elevate and reimagine Tap Dance. Here on the street we present Tap to anyone that might be passing by, in its basic form as rhythm and movement that appeals to the heart, brain and gut of us all.

Rhythm is everywhere, especially in a busy city like New York and the joy of self-expression and diversity that it attracts is immeasurable. The challenge and cooperation to produce such an event as Tap It Out, has been incredible, becoming the largest rhythmic production of my career, inspired by Brenda Bufalinos’ original concept for the American Tap Dance Orchestra, dancers AS musicians. Assembling 150 dancers of varying ability, age range and multi-cultural backgrounds in an out-of-doors, active urban environment, you end up with new rules and surprises! You can’t beat the added energy created by a dance mass with one common goal, to be heard, in time and express the delight of Tap Dance.

It is very exciting to introduce Tap Dance to the public where it was actually born and developed, on the streets of downtown Manhattan in the historic Five Points District. Tony Waag


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