Selected Reviews

THE CHICAGO SUN TIMES "The American Tap Dance Orchestra lives up to its name.  This enchanting ensemble blends percussive sounds in a truly orchestral manner."


THE NEW YORK TIMES "Blends rapid fire virtuosity and a wonderfully easygoing amiability"                         


THE VILLAGE VOICE "a rhythm feast"


ATTITUDE DANCE MONTHLY "Tap dancing has had its rebirth with the American Tap Dance Orchestra."


CHARLES "HONI" COLES "The world is finally recognizing the only dance form that is strictly American. Tap, Tap, Tap, and the ATDO, the first of its kind ever, personifies the pinnacle of this art form.  Bravo, Tap Dance Orchestra."


MID OCEAN NEWS, BERMUDA The ATDO's "... sizzling performance was proof that in their hands -- or feet, perhaps -- this dance form has not only been safely preserved, but has found rejuvenation."


DANCE PAGES "Brenda Bufalino, Artistic Director of the American Tap Dance Orchestra, may do for tap what Balanchine did for ballet, and Jack Cole did for jazz." & "The American Tap Dance Orchestra represents the future of tap. Bufalino's rhythmic, syncopated, complex choreography will challenge tap dancers into the twenty first century."


GLOUCESTER COUNTY TIMES "Each number was performed with flair and emotion.  The dancing was poetic.  The movement of each individual dancer was in step wonderfully and performed with ease, style, grace and strength."


CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER "The American Tap Dance Orchestra smoothly blended the rhythmic excitement of a percussion recital with the entertainment values of cabaret...the dancing was highly skilled and sophisticated.  But the dancers also communicated the infectious fun of tapping purely for pleasure...with their fabulous feet, the dancers produced a wide spectrum of tones, timbres and dynamics."


NEW YORK NEWSDAY "The Dancers of the ATDO function as a true component of an orchestra, making their work a fulfillment of one of the original motives of tap dancing in which tapping can embody both rhythm and melody."


PERFORMER CUES "This is an exceptionally well rehearsed company and their ease with themselves and  each other in duets, trios, and group dances allows them the freedom to interplay together and with the audience in a bemused and nonchalant manner...this kind of 'controlled abandon' is only possible if the choreography and technique is 'down cold'."


ATTITUDE DANCE MONTHLY "The American Tap Dance Orchestra...under the rhythmic baton of Brenda Bufalino, presented a new vision and sound to tap dance, transferring it from its century long form as a popular entertainment to an art form for the concert stage.           


BACK STAGE "The dancers keep a high energy level throughout, and are crisp and clear in their footwork."


DANCE MAGAZINE "Bufalino and her ensemble are whizzes, and I find her choreography remarkably inventive."


THE NEW YORK TIMES "The American Tap Dance Orchestra is a relatively new kid on the block, but it is clearly a kid with tap talent to spare, a great love for the art and a good many ambitious ideas."


ATTITUDE DANCE MONTHLY "Their unflagging energy, their zest, the wonderful rapport among them all, elevates them above any other tap group around today and elevates their performance into high artistry."


THE RICHMOND NEWS LEADER "All the dancers execute the steps flawlessly.... Whether triple tapping, sliding through a delicate soft shoe, tapping time with the music or performing a cappella, there is never a missed tap.  Their enjoyment of performing is contagious."


THE CYPRESS WEEKLY "The ensemble dancing was a revelation."


NOWA EUROPA/POLAND "For a long time we haven't seen such an attractive spectacle performed at an overwhelming speed...No gesture is copied and there was no cheap showiness. Every shape had a meaning...In other words, it was a happy evening for the Warsaw public, because for the first time we had a chance to see what "real" tap dance is."


THE VILLAGE VOICE "I love it when the American Tap Dance Orchestra really plays hard at being an orchestra--when the men and women come out looking sharp in their black suits or their white suits and concentrate on making delicious foot rhythms together...concentrates on building rhythmic patterns into contrapuntal feasts---splitting dancers off from unison into canon, splitting one group in two for a hot bit of antiphony, having dancers feed into a pattern until it sizzles with sound, popping a soloist out and turning the background tapping down to a simmer."


THE RECORD "There's plenty of precision dancing on the program, but there's also a large helping of individual expression and experimentation."


ATTITUDE DANCE MONTHLY The best thing that's happening to tap dancing since Eleanor Powell."






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