Tap City Youth Ensemble - Letter of Agreement for Students and Parents

Please print and complete and return to the ATDF by fax 646-230-7777 or by mail to

18 West 27th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY  10001

1) Student name:__________________________________________________________________

2) Parent/Guardian names: __________________________________________________________

3) Contact information: TCYE parents will receive a weekly email with important information.  Please provide us with an email address that you agree to check weekly.           

Parent email for weekly TCYE info: ___________________________________________________

Emergency phone contact number during rehearsals: ____________________________________

Student email (optional): ___________________________________________________________

Additional emails/phone information you would like us to have: ____________________________

4) Current school and grade:________________________________________________________

5) All dancers are required to attend at least one tap technique class each week.  Please provide us with that information:

Current tap instructor name:  _______________________________________________________

Studio/program name:  ____________________________________________________________

Studio (or instructor) phone number (required):  _______________________________________

6) Dancers are required to attend all rehearsals.  Students with more than four (non-emergency) absences may be asked to leave the ensemble. 

Known schedule conflicts on Sundays between October – June:  __________________________


7) Please give us information about your past and current dance training, and list all your CURRENT performance and other activities outside of school for October – July. _________________________________________________________________________________





8) We have read the TCYE Rules and Responsibilities below.  By our signatures below we agree to the conditions listed under behavior, absences, tap training, emails, tuition, attire, level, casting, materials, bio, and the waiver.

Waiver:  I hereby release Tony Waag, and/or the American Tap Dance Foundation, instructors, sponsors and all event locations from any and all claims or liability due to personal injury, damage or loss of property which my child (or I) may sustain as a result of participating in any activity connected with the American Tap Dance Foundation.

Student signature:  ________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature: __________________________________________________________

Date:  ___________________________________________________________________________

Tap City Youth Ensemble Rules and Responsibilities

Ensemble memberships and families agree to the following conditions.  For full TCYE information and responsibilities please refer to the TCYE Handbook for Dancers & Families.

Behavior:  Dancers must arrive at rehearsal 10 minutes early and be ready to dance at the start of rehearsal.  When new choreography is taught, it is the dancer’s responsibility to review the material during the week and be familiar with it before the next rehearsal.  All dancers are expected to work hard and to behave professionally and respectfully in rehearsal and performance venues, to give full attention to the Ensemble Director or guest choreographer, and to be supportive of fellow ensemble members.  A dancer who behaves unprofessionally in performance or rehearsal settings, who is disruptive or disrespectful, will be asked to leave the Ensemble.

Absences:  Dancers are required to attend all rehearsals.  The Ensemble Director must be notified in writing of all unavoidable schedule conflicts as soon as they are known.  Please also email the Ensemble Director about emergency absences. It is the dancer’s responsibility to learn missed material.  Dancers who miss key final studio, stage or tech rehearsals may be cut from the performance.

Tap training:   Dancers are required to attend at least one tap technique class each week and provide teacher name and contact information:

Email:  TCYE parents are asked to provide an email address that they agree to check once a week for important TCYE information.

Tuition:  Tuition and fees must be paid by the due dates.

Tap shoes and attire:  Dancers must have a pair of black tap shoes, hard soled, low-heeled, oxford style, in good condition.  Rehearsal clothes should not impede dancing in any way.  Dancers will be required to provide a few basic costume pieces TBA.

Level:  The Ensemble Director reserves the right to switch a dancer into the level appropriate for her/his technical skill.

Casting and Performances:  Every dancer may not perform every piece and will not perform in every performance.  Casting is at the discretion of the Ensemble Director and is based on skill level as well as behavior in rehearsal.  Dancers are expected to learn all the repertory and be prepared to either perform or understudy.

Material:  The choreographic and vocal material the ensemble will be taught is the artistic property of the choreographer (or composer) and may not be performed or taught by the student, in part or in entirety, outside of ATDF events.

Bios: Students are asked to use the following phrasing when including the Ensemble in a bio:  “(student name) is a member of the Tap City Youth Ensemble directed by Susan Hebach and the American Tap Dance Foundation.”