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What people are saying about ATDF Programs!

The joy and freedom I experience while dancing and performing is just becoming greater and greater. I feel as if I have grown up with ATDF. I really cannot find words to express my appreciation for your continued support for my dancing. I would just like to say to you how happy it makes me to be out there and my strongest ambition, along with the ongoing wish to improve as a dancer and performer, is to share with the audience this joy I feel when I am on stage, and to convey the passion, energy and multidimensionality that is tap.”

Charley Gartman, TCYE Scholarship Student

“As a parent of a teenager in this day and age, I can not praise the ATDF enough for offering such amazing programs. Your programs offer more than just a tap education. Your scholarship program allows children from any background to participate, which is so important. [The ATDF] is a foundation run by people with integrity, honesty and who truly believe and love what they do.”

Theresa M. Schneider, Parent

 “I thank the American Tap Dance Foundation for their scholarship and giving me the opportunity to follow my dream which is tap dancing. The tap dance class made me feel confident. I feel like I can dance anywhere without feeling shy.”

Bobbi Middleton, Year Round Scholarship Student

 “I want to thank you again because this opportunity you have given keeps me away from where I live in which my mom never lets me go anywhere because it’s not a good place.”

Tatiana Naomi Harrison, Year Round Scholarship Student

 “We as parents just want to say thank you for giving our daughter, Elizabeth Rosa the opportunity to reach some of her goals.”

Efrain & Diana Rosa, Parents

“I commend the American Tap Dance Foundation for creating the Tap City Youth Ensemble that encourages children to learn tap dance. This initiative will ensure that the legacy of tap dance will be preserved for future generations.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton, United States Senator


“You provide them a sense of their artistic past, and fire their imaginations with dreams of what they can become. I see the effects of participation on my daughter, and I’m filled with gratitude. Her self-confidence has blossomed. And she’s grown a sense of having a solid place, in a world where so many feel lost. Thank you, and thank you again. Keep up the good work! As a parent, I couldn’t ask for more.”

Harley Newman, TCYE Parent

 “I’m truly grateful to be part of the festival again – I always return to one idea in my thoughts – COMMUNITY. The experiences you set up really allow for us to interact and to experience the full value of that world.”

Jeannie Hill, Teacher & Performer

 “The professional teachers are a positive influence on her technique and the chance to perform on the same stage with professional dancers is an opportunity that she’s proud of. She is in good hands!”

Margo Hammond, TCYE Parent

“I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for tap dance. Your vision of the festival is inclusive and encourages diverse styles of choreography, performance, and teaching. I sat in on lots of classes and was impressed by the quality of teaching – particularly for the youth & pre professional program. What amazing opportunities these young dancers are receiving!”

Linda Sohl-Ellison, Teacher & Performer

“The Gregory Hines scholarship allows me to study and get better at what I love to do, tap. It’s very exciting for me to be awarded with a Gregory Hines Scholarship because he was not only an incredible talented dancer, but an amazing human being. This is a real honor. Thank you so much.”

Warren Craft, TCYE Scholarship Student

“We are not wealthy, but we were determined to give them the exposure that they longed for. Tap City offered that exposure and challenge, and your organization made it a reality for us. Words cannot express our gratitude in making their dream come true. May god bless you, your family and staff, and may he continue to give you wisdom, guidance and the will to preserve in your work for children around the world.”

Anna-Maria De Gannes, Parent

“I am grateful for the opportunity to recognize the fine work of the American Tap Dance Foundation and the numerous contributions they provide to our community. Every year the American Tap Dance Foundation holds a wonderful tap dance festival. Beyond serving as an accessible, inexpensive and enjoyable source of entertainment, it presents an opportunity for New Yorkers to connect with the city’s cultural history. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.”

Charles E. Schumer, United States Senator

“It is a very enriching experience because all these gifted tap dancers know something different, and we all learn from each other. Thank you for letting me participate in the Tap City Youth Ensemble. It means a lot to me.”

Kaitlyn Way, TCYE Scholarship Student

 “We love her enthusiasm for tap. We see how it has helped her self-confidence and poise.”

Judith Cohen, TCYE Parent

 “The Tap City Youth Ensemble opened a whole new world for my daughter. She sang nothing but praises for her teachers. Keep up the good work and support. The Foundation truly adds many bright lights to the City in the form of dancers.”

Wendy B. Asreen, TCYE Parent