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Tap It Out is a free, public and outdoor event that is presented and performed a number of times at the end of Tap City in July.

Imagine a chorus of hundreds of tapping feet performing an a cappella choreography weaving together several tap dance styles and vernacular movement. Tap City participants rehearse throughout the week of the festival to create this festive explosion of tones and rhythms. Tap It Out is conceived and created by the mayor of Tap City Tony Waag and is co-directed and staged by dancer/choreographer Lynn Schwab. (see: artist statement)

If you register in an Adult, Pre-Professional or Youth Program, you have the opportunity to participate in this event as it is included in your package! Once you are enrolled, you receive detailed instructions in the Spring. Each participant dances on their own platform, which is supplied by Tap City, and each dancer learns their own part of the presentation in advance via YouTube. Group rehearsals take place during the week of the festival and are designed around your regular class schedule.


For photos of past Tap it Out presentations visit:

Tap it Out 2012 (World Financial Center Marina)

Tap it Out 2013 (Father Duffy's Square/Times Square)

Tap it Out 2014 (Foley Square/formerly known at the 5 Points District)

For video visit: Tap it Out Times Square