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Tap City Youth Ensemble has three divisions, the Tap City Youth Ensemble (advanced dancers ages 14-18), the Tap City Junior Ensemble (intermediate dancers ages 10-15) and the Tap City Junior Prep Ensemble (upper level junior dancers ages 10-13). These groups are the resident youth performing companies of the American Tap Dance Foundation.  These dynamic and talented dancers focus on learning classic and contemporary choreography with professional choreographers, and working with master teachers and musicians in the field today. The ensembles perform in a range of New York area venues including formal concerts, educational school shows, free public events, and television, and  have been featured in articles in Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Spirit Magazine and Time Out New York Kids and appeared on television on NY 1. and Nickelodeon's METV, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on NBC.

The ensembles are directed by Susan Hebach, with the mentorship of Brenda Bufalino (ATDF Artistic Mentor) Margaret Morrison (ATDF Education Advisor) and Tony Waag (ATDF Artistic Director) TCYE I, II and III work with Susan Hebach and TCYE faculty Claudia Rahardjanoto and Tamii Sakurai. Guest teachers and choreographers that have worked with TCYE include Guillem Alonso, Ali Bradley, Brenda Bufalino, Roxane Butterfly, Harold Cromer, Barbara Duffy, Michelle Dorrance, Felipe Galganni, Derick K. Grant, Lisa LaTouche, Michela Marino Lerman, Jason Mills, Margaret Morrison, Max Pollak, Jason Samuels Smith,  Leonardo Sandoval, Randy Skinner, Caleb Teicher and Tony Waag, to name a few TCYE is the premiere performing division of the program.  Dancers are selected by audition or invitation, and come from all over the tri-state area.

TCYE meets on Sundays, September 2017– mid-June 2018.

TCYE I:  2:00pm-5:45pm

TCYE II: 2:00pm-5:45pm

TCYE III:  11:00am-2:15pm  

Tap City Junior Ensemble gives intermediate tap dancers (ages 10 - 15) the opportunity to learn classic and contemporary tap repertory as well as work with guest choreographers. The Ensemble is directed by Susan Hebach and Yoko Kono, and is assisted by additional TCYE faculty.  TCJE also works with guest choreographers and master teachers, and has performance opportunities, and serves as a preparatory group for the premiere upper level ensemble. There are two levels of the TCJE. Dancers are placed based on skill. Dancers are required to attend a weekly technique class at the ATDF in addition to ensemble rehearsal. TCJE is given several additional performing opportunities throughout the season.

TCJE I: Intermediate dancers ages 12 – 16 (Saturdays from 3 - 4:30pm)

TCJE II: Intermediate dancers ages 9 – 12 (Fridays 4:45 - 6:15pm)

Tap City Junior Ensemble Prep group is for younger students ages 8-12 who have demonstrated the desire and entry level skill to start learning the basic repertory of our TCJE ensembles.  This group concentrates on the material of the Copasetics, and several other core dances that are part of the TCYE canon.  These students are required to be enrolled in our ATDF youth program for a technique class that supports the learning and requisite skills for this group. They are given several additional performing opportunities throughout the season. Dancers are selected by audition and or/invitation.

TCJE Prep meets on Saturdays, September 2017  - June 2018 from 1:45pm - 3pm

For information on how and when to audition visit: TCYE Auditions

For 2017-18 Fees & Due Dates visit: TCYE Fees & Due Dates
TCYE Fees Important and Due Dates

Scholarships are available through the ATDF Gregory Hines Youth Scholarship Fund. Application can be downloaded from this website by clicking on ScholarshipsGregory Hines Youth Scholarship Fund.

BOOKINGS: For more information on the ensembles for future appearances please contact us at 646-230-9564

What people are saying about TCYE:

"a curriculum that utilizes the legacy of tap dance in America, including a wide variety of styles, from rhythm (or jazz) tap to vaudevillian entertainment to avant-garde work." (Dance Teacher Magazine)

“Past and future come together . . . in the recently formed Tap City Youth Ensemble, which performs classic routines like the Copasetics’ “Chair Dance” with brash adolescent energy” (Star-Ledger)

Performance Highlights of the TCYE 2006-2017 Seasons:

NYC Dance Parade 2017

Escola Dansa Luthier, Barcelona Spain

NBC - The 84th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Duke Ellington's Annual Birthday Celebration

Tap City – The annual NYC Tap Festival at the Duke on 42nd Street Theater, The Joyce Theater and the Peter Jay Sharp Theater/ Symphony Space

The Vancouver International Tap Festival

The Annual River to River Festival

The Apollo Theater

The Howl Festival

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

ATDF's Annual Rhythm in Motion Concert Series at the 14th Steet Y and the Duke Theater

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House

Manhattan Children's Museum

Queens Tap Extravaganza

Career Transitions for Dancers Gala at NYC's City Center

Long Island Children's Museum

National Dance Week, NYC

Dancewave’s “Kid’s Café” Festival

Manhattan Restoration Project

Macy's Charity Day

School and Hospital Shows in NYC & NJ

From 5-Points to Harlem in Foley Square, Manhattan

PBS “Angelina Ballerina” special feature

Nickelodeon's METV

& More!