Calling all advanced tap dancers age 12-18


Are you passionate about tap dance?  

Consider auditioning for the Tap City Youth Ensemble or Tap City Junior Ensemble! 


  • learn choreography & technique from leading tap artists in the field today
  • explore tap history and learn classic dances from the masters
  • develop improvisation skills & a deeper understanding of music
  • dance & perform with live music
  • perform in NYC venues, Tri-State area venues, and beyond!

We are taking video audition submissions now for the 2018-19 seasons. 


Dancers interested in TCYE need to be available on Sundays from mid-September 2018 through mid-June 2019. 


Dancers interested in TCJE I need to be available on Saturdays (11am - 2:15pm) & dancers interested in TCJE II need to be available on Saturdays (3:30 - 5pm) from mid-September 2018 – mid-June 2019.  


All Weekly rehearsals are held at the American Tap Dance Center, 154 Christopher St., #2B, NY NY 10014


Read below for specific information on how to prepare your video audition, and for more information about Tap City Youth Ensemble.

How to Audition

Participants must audition for this program.  To audition, you must submit video with specific examples of your technical skills and your performance ability, and some basic information about yourself. Here is what to do:


Step 1:  prepare your video, which should include the following:

  • performance of a 2-3 minute tap choreography piece/excerpt  to music demonstrating your ability to keep time while expressing your personal style
  • statement of why you are interested in TCYE

Step 2:  submit your video & basic info to Susan Hebach, Director of TCYE, 

You may submit video by posting it to YouTube and emailing the link, and please

 include the following basic information in your email (that contains your video link):

  • Student name
  • Date of birth and current age
  • Parent/guardian names
  • Parent email address
  • Parent phone contact #
  • Student email (optional)
  • Mailing address
  • Home dance studio & current tap instructor
  • Place where you attend school (academic)
  • Are you a member of any other performing arts groups or organizations?

Step 3:  Dancers who pass the video audition will be invited to attend assessment audition on a selected date that works for you and our staff.

Step 4:  dancers who pass final audition will be formally invited to join us for the 2017-18 season, and will need to formally register for the program, deadline being the start date of Sunday, September 17th, 2017. 


Questions?  Call Susan Hebach @ 646.230.9564, or email