TTTCP - Fees, Deadlines, Application & Scholarships


Level 1 Training

Teaching beginner tap students & foundational rhythm tap concepts

July 16-22, 2018
Tuition:  $1,600

Tuition includes:

* 45+ hours of studio instruction with expert faculty

* Private tap lesson to assess your personal training goals

* Classic tap repertory and rhythm tap exercises

* Jazz music training & live accompaniment

* Training manual, plus written & video materials

* Mentorship during independent work

* Individualized feedback

* Certificate issued by the American Tap Dance Foundation to students who successfully complete work

Level 3 Training

Teaching adv. beginners to intermediate & deeper rhythm tap exploration


July 17-22, 2018
Tuition:  $1,000

Tuition includes:

* 30+ hours of studio instruction with expert faculty

* Classic tap repertory and exercises for your students

* Composition skills for exercises and performance routines

* Jazz music training & live accompaniment 

* Training manual, plus written & video materials

* Mentorship during independent work

* Individualized feedback

* Certificate issued by the American Tap Dance Foundation to students who successfully complete work



Important Dates 2017 - 2019


Fall 2017 – Spring 2018  

Applications accepted on a first come, rolling basis

December 31, 2017

Early Bird Tuition Deadline (apply early for savings)

January 1, 2018 – Summer 2018

Regular Tuition

April 13, 2018

Final Deadline for scholarship applications. Scholarship requests must be submitted with the Training Application.

May-June 2018

Registered students will receive additional information

July 16-22, 2018  

July Level 1 Training, Session 1 Intensive

July 17-22, 2018

July Level 3 Training, Session 1 Intensive

Sept 2018 – Spring 2019

Session 2, Level 1 & 3 Trainings: mentored independent work in home communities. Trainees submit assignments digitally.

Spring 2019

Final due date TBA for assignments for Level 1, 2 & 3 Trainings. Awarding of certificates to Trainees who successfully complete Session 2 assignments.

Tuition Deposit Deadlines

Level 1 tuition

Level 3 tuition

2 weeks after acceptance: Deposit due to hold your space



June 18, 2018:

Session 1 balance due



August 13, 2018:

Session 2 balance due



Application Information

No fee is required with the Application. Within two weeks of receiving the Application, we will send notification. In some cases, we may request additional information. Accepted students are required to return a completed registration form, signed letter of agreement, and pay the tuition deposit within two weeks to hold their place. There is no application deadline, we will accept qualified applicants in the order we receive applications. Space is limited, we encourage early applications. We will consider applications only from dancers 18 years and older.

Scholarship Application

A limited number of partial scholarships are available to students with financial need. To apply for a scholarship, include a scholarship statement with your application. The scholarship statement should be no longer than 600 words, 12 point font, double spaced, in Word or pdf format only. Please give us clear and concrete information on why you need financial assistance. Also include your sense of how tap students in your community would benefit from the enhanced teaching skills you would acquire by attending the Training. Additional financial information (such as tax forms or pay stubs) is NOT required.


Tap Teacher Training Application (Applications are accepted by email only):

1) Send us a preliminary email that you attend to apply. This "intent to apply" is no binding, but will enable us to hold your spot in the Training. When you are ready to apply, send an application cover email to  and with “Tap Teacher Training Application” in the subject line. Body of the email should include your name, address, phone number, email address, and the following:


2) Attach your Personal Essay to the email.

Level 1 applicants: your essay should include your name and email, and should be no longer than 600 words, 12 point font, double spaced, in Word or pdf format only. Please explain how you feel you would benefit from the ATDF Tap Teacher Training and describe your previous experience as a tap teacher, performer, choreographer.

Level 3 applicants: please send a short email statement describing for us how you have been using the Copasetic Canon curriculum with your students. Include a list of how many hours per week you are teaching tap right now, the age and level of each group, and what type of setting (dance studio, community class, college, etc). Let us know what you would like to gain from Level 3 Training.


3) Attach your Scholarship Essay, if you are applying for tuition reduction (see info above)


4) Level 1 applicants only: include a link to your Audition Video.

Audition video specifications: video should be uploaded to a site where we can easily view it. We cannot accept video where we are required to download files or open emailed files. Video should be simple and small size, not HD, for easy viewing. We recommend uploading to an unlisted Youtube link (not private) or a DropBox “view only” link. Video should be no longer than 3-5 minutes and demonstrate clean tap technique, your ability to dance in time with music, and your performance skills as a tap dancer. Video should show the following material:

a) Dance to one recording of jazz music in a swing groove and show at least 8 bars each of flaps, shuffles, cramp rolls, and time-steps. Then dance to the same music, or select another if you wish and show paddle and roll combinations and pull backs. We are looking for your ability to create clear sounds, in time with the music. We recommend that you show your ability to dance these basic steps, solidly and in time, and that you also show some variations of these steps that demonstrate your more advanced tap abilities. Contact us if you need more information or music suggestions. Need some ideas? Here’s a sample video of these steps danced by our faculty member and TTT Graduate, Tamii Sakurai:

b) Dance to the same music, or select another if you wish, and show a favorite complicated tap phrase or short series of flash steps that demonstrate your more advanced tap abilities.

c) Perform a 1-2 minute tap choreography piece/excerpt to music demonstrating clean technique and your ability to keep time while expressing your personal style.


Note: If you are well known to ATDF faculty, you may opt out of sending a video, and instead have a faculty member send an email of recommendation stating that the faculty member is familiar with your dance abilities and verifying that she/he feels you are able to dance rhythm tap material on an advanced level.


5) Level 1 applicants only: attach your Resume.

Your resume should be no longer than 2 pages, Word or pdf format only, and must include this information:

   a) name, address, phone number, and email address;

   b) education: if you have attended college, include name and location of college with degree granted and date of completion; if not completed, include dates attended. If you have attended graduate school, include names, locations, degrees granted and dates completed. If you have not attended college, include name and location of high school and graduation date.

   c) training: include list of dance styles, number of years studied, and studio or teacher names, if known.

   d) dance teaching: include detailed list of all dance teaching including start and end dates of your teaching position, studio name, location,style of dance taught, level and ages of students taught

   e) performance experience: give an indication of professional performance experience, or amateur or student performance if no professional experience.

    f) include other related work experience or training that would be pertinent to a tap teaching program.

About the Copasetics

Watch a Promotional Video

2014 Video

About Our Graduates

Teacher Training Workshops

Short enrichment workshops open to all Tap Dance Teachers. Join us for a sampling of Copasetic Curriculum and new rhythm tap ideas to bring to your tap students. Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced tap dancers who teach.

Level 1 Training and Certificate

Covers teaching beginning tap students (children age 6+, teen and adult students) and foundational concepts based in the Copasetic Canon for all rhythm tap teaching. All new Trainees start with the Level 1 Training. Applicants are accepted based on video audition and application.”

Level 2 Training and Certificate

Covers teaching fast beginner to advanced beginner tap dancers (children, teen and adult students), continues with Copasetic Canon repertory and concepts, and provides a deeper exploration of tap artistry and expert rhythm tap teaching skills. Pre-requisite: the Level 2 Training is open to all students who attended the Level 1 Training.

Level 3 Training and Certificate

Covers skills for teaching intermediate and advanced tap dancers and provides deeper exploration of rhythm tap artistry. Pre-requisite: successful completion of Level 1 & Level 2 Certificates.

Pre-Tap and Early Learners Training and Certificate

Creative movement curriculum for children ages 3 ½ + emphasizing rhythm games and music exercises to prepare young dancers for tap.

Faculty and Directors

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