Tap Teacher Workshops

Tap Teacher Workshops


Drop-in enrichment workshops open to all Tap Dance Teachers. Join us for a sampling of Copasetic Curriculum and new rhythm tap ideas to bring to your tap students. Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced tap dancers who teach.

Two (2) Hour Workshops lead by Susan Hebach and Margaret Morrison. Dates TBA.

Sampling of past Workshops:

Flaps, Flaps, and More Flaps!
Everything you ever wanted to know about Flaps, a foundational step that can make or break the success of your tap students. We’ll address the challenges of teaching flaps to beginners (kids and adults) and how to introduce the all-important “starting position,” with knee forward, loose legs, and ankles. Exercises and approaches for all levels will be offered, along with music concepts and compositional tools so that you can create fun and rhythmically sophisticated material for your beginners, snappy combinations for your intermediate students, and challenging exercises for your advanced dancers.

Time Step Mania

Classic and contemporary time steps and composition skills to create your own rhythmically rich dances.

Mining the Shim Sham

The Shim Sham contains a wealth of Tap material and ideas to bring to your students of all levels.

Paddle and Roll

Exciting double-time figures and skills for your beginner through advanced students.

About the Copasetics

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About Our Graduates

Level 1 Training and Certificate

Covers foundational concepts based in the Copasetic Canon for all rhythm tap teaching, with a focus on teaching beginning tap students (children age 6+, teen and adult students).  All new Trainees start with the Level 1 Training. Applicants are accepted based on video audition and application.


Level 2 Training and Certificate

Covers teaching fast beginner to advanced beginner tap dancers (children, teen and adult students), continues with Copasetic Canon repertory and concepts, and provides a deeper exploration of tap artistry and expert rhythm tap teaching skills. Pre-requisite: the Level 2 Training is open to all students who completed the Level 1 Training.

Level 3 - Training and Certificate

Covers skills for teaching advanced beginner and intermediate tap dancers and provides deeper exploration of rhythm tap artistry. Pre-requisite: successful completion of Level 1 & Level 2.

Pre-Tap and Early Learners Training and Certificate

Creative movement curriculum for children ages 3 ½ + emphasizing rhythm games and music exercises to prepare young dancers for tap.

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