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Opened in 2010, the American Tap Dance Center is a school of tap dance, a rehearsal studio, and a center for tap artistry, directed by Tony Waag. A project of the American Tap Dance Foundation and advised by Artistic Mentor Brenda Bufalino, the ATDC’s cozy West Village space serves close to 600 students each year. The year-round school of tap dance provides a comprehensive curriculum for kids, teens and adults, from Beginning to Advanced Pro Level.

The ATDF’s Youth Program offers kids from age three to teens a chance to become immersed in tap culture in fun weekly classes. The Gregory Hines Youth Scholarship Fund makes it possible for many kids to dance here. Students who want a more intensive experience audition for the Tap City Youth Ensemble, which is made up of five separate levels of talented performing kids and teens, ages ten to nineteen. The young dancers of the TCYE attend weekly rehearsals with professional choreographers to learn new and classic works of tap repertory and perform around New York City in presentations for the general public as well as for school, senior and hospital audiences.

While the studios of the American Tap Dance Center are crowded with young tappers during afterschool classes and weekend ensemble rehearsals, the evenings are devoted to year-round classes for the beginning adults and dedicated amateurs in our Adult Program. During morning and midday hours, the studios are used for professional-level tap classes and rehearsals. The ATDC’s Artists in Residence Program provides free rehearsal space for established and up-and-coming tap choreographers—an invaluable resource in a city where dance companies struggle to find affordable studio space. Each year, brand new tap works by the Artists in Residence are presented at the ATDF’s Rhythm in Motion concert. Many works developed here go on to acclaim on national and international stages.

Every summer, tap teachers from around the country and across the globe attend the ATDF’s Tap Teacher Training Certificate Program, to learn our approach to tap education rooted in jazz musicality. The Training is based in the Copasetic Canon Curriculum and the classic tap repertory of the master tap dancers of the golden age of tap. Occasional seasonal Master Tap Intensives and Choreography Workshops provide training opportunities for local and out of town pro and pre-professional tap dancers. Every month tap fans and the general public can attend studio performances, lectures, jams or film presentations here.
The American Tap Dance Center is a key aspect of the ATDF’s non-profit mission of establishing and legitimizing Tap Dance as a vital component of American Dance through creation, presentation, education and preservation.

ATDC staff, faculty, Artists in Residence, and guest choreographers have included: Chloe Arnold, Megan Bartula, Brandy Blaha, Francis Bradley, Brenda Bufalino, Elizabeth Burke, Ayodele Casel, Warren Craft, Harold Cromer, Michelle Dorrance, Barbara Duffy, Craig Fuchs, Felipe Galganni, Ana Rokafella Garcia, Derick K. Grant, Asha Griffith, Jared Grimes, Susan Hebach, Mark Kellogg, Yoko Kono, Kazu Kumagai, Lisa La Touche, Michela Marino-Lerman, Hjordis Linn Blanford, Morgan McMahon, Margaret Morrison, Max Pollak, Courtney Runft, Toni Noblett, Nicole Ohr, Claudia Rahardjanoto, Arleigh Rothenberg, Tamii Sakurai, Germaine Salsberg, Leonardo Sandoval, Lynn Schwab, Samara Seligsohn, Randy Skinner, Jason Samuels Smith, Caleb Teicher, Tony Waag, Joseph Monroe Webb, Cartier Williams, Gabe Winns, Nicholas Young, and others.

By Margaret Morrison

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