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Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 (7:00-9:00pm)

American Tap Dance Center

154 Christopher Street #2B

The Tap City Tap Challenge is the first of its kind that specializes in the many diverse styles, modes, grooves, and musical time signatures of tap dance. A Tap City Tap Challenge is held each year and will focus on three different styles to be announced early enough for dancers, teachers and choreographers to prepare. Because our interests lie in the advancement of this art form, we aim to further the perception and the presentation of Tap Dance in a comprehensive manner by demanding only excellence in execution, interpretation, musicality and choreography. Each participant will be critiqued by an expert panel of judges. (All participants MUST be a registered student at the festival)


Be specific is the TAP CITY motto and our purpose is:

  1. To award a dancers knowledge, expertise, clarity and specificity in each style.
  2. To further the art of choreography by awarding a choreographers choice of music, artistic voice, knowledge of genres, and inventiveness.
  3. To offer constructive criticism to the dancer/choreographer so that he/she can grow and advance in the form.


Certificates will be presented to all 1st, 2nd & 3rd place contestants and the 1st place contestant will be asked to perform in Tap Future (the All Student Showcase), on Thursday, July 12th at Symphony Space.


2012 Style Categories:

Each participant is asked to choreograph and/or perform in one of the following style categories:

                                           1) Latin           2) Funk           3) Bebop

Note: (Future categories include 4/4 Swing, Waltz, Broadway 2/4 Contemporary & Mix Genre/Conceptual)


A panel of professional dancers, choreographers who are experts in the genre’s chosen for the competition will judge each participant in TWO areas: For CHOREOGRAPHY and EXECUTION.

The judges will offer valuable feedback directly following each presented piece.



$75                                   (Solo)                  3 Minute Maximum

$40 per dancer               (Duet/Trio)          3 Minute Maximum


Age: Each participant must be at least 12 years old!



The Tap City Tap Challenge will be held at the American Tap Dance Center located at 154 Christopher Street #2B (between Greenwich & Washington Streets)



Please arrive at least ½ hour before your scheduled appearance. You will be alerted of your time slot in advance. Once you check in at reception, there will be a holding area where you can park your stuff and warm up.


Costumes & Props:

Elaborate costuming is not allowed. (in fact better without any) The focus should be on the dance. All choreography, costumes and music deemed inappropriate for family viewing may be considered for disqualification. Excessive scenery and props must be approved in advance and are not encouraged unless integral to the piece. For safety reasons, no form of liquid, gel, aerosol, fire, or glitter may be used. No dangerous props are to be used. Failure to follow these safety precautions may also result in disqualification. No video or flash photography are allowed in the performance room or dressing rooms.


I-Pod connecters and CD players will be available.  A capella pieces are accepted. NO improvisation allowed!

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