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and the

American Tap Dance Foundation


Save the dates for some Tap Treasures!


In honor of National Tap Dance Day (May 25), the American Tap Dance Foundation invites you to participate in our Tap Treasures Hunt & Tour!

This 1-week-event features 7 hidden tap dance locations (plus one BONUS) in New York City that are significant to the development & history of the American born Tap Dance. 

The ATDF has specially selected these locations to fill your brain with rhythms, history and fun-facts, all about tap dance. Your job is to decode the clues, visit the locations, and take photos at every location by following your Tap Treasures Map (available when you register on May 17th). From legendary theaters, to rehearsal space, we want to share with you some pivotal moments in tap dance history, and the role that each location has played, or continues to do so, in New York City and beyond. There are also multiple opportunities to win PRIZES.


There is a PRIZE for the participant(s) who adds the most creativity to their posted photos (edited photos, poems, videos, selfie, costumes, etc...), and a GRAND PRIZE for the participant(s) who completes the entire hunt the fastest!  The GRAND PRIZE is a $500 Gift Certificate, which can be used for Classes, Tap City, Merchandise, and more. An ADDITIONAL PRIZE will be awarded if our winning participant(s) also visit the BONUS location.



$30/party of two

$50/group or family of 5 or less (additional $5/person if more than 5 participating)

Ex: 7 people together= $50+  (2x$5) = $60

Cash, Check, or Credit Cards are accepted


Here’s how it works:

1. REGISTER All participants must sign-up to participate by calling the American Tap Dance Center at (646) 230-9564.

2. PICK UP your Tap Treasures Map (with questions & fill-in-the-blank clues) from the American Tap Dance Center on May 17th (first day of the hunt) between the hours of 11-5pm. * Forgot to sign up? No worries, we can still provide you with a map at any time during the hunt, but you have to complete it by May 23rd!

3. RESEARCH, FILL IN THE BLANKS & VISIT! On your own time, you must do some research in order to, complete the fill-in-the-blanks inside your Tap Treasures Map. These become your 7 locations/clues. Then, visit ALL 7 secret locations during the week of May 17-24th. Participants do not need to visit the treasured locations in any particular order. The BONUS clue can replace any ONE treasured Location in case you cannot visit all original 7.

At the site of each treasured location you must take a photo of YOU/OR YOUR ENTIRE GROUP and post that photo to the ATDF’s Facebook Page! Post quickly, since the FASTEST HUNTER WINS, and there is a PRIZE for MOST CREATIVE! Your photo will show up in the left-side Panel, and you must “Like” the ATDF on Facebook prior to posting. The time your photo was posted allows us to keep track of all participating teams.


4. You have now visited ALL Tap Treasures Locations! ARRIVE at ATDF’s Tap Attack Event in celebration of National Tap Dance Day on Sunday, May 24th to hand in your Tap Treasures Map and hear the announcement of the Tap Treasures 2015 winners. Our GRAND PRIZE winner will also be featured in our ATDF Newsletter!

Sunday, May 24 (Noon-2pm)

Pier 45, Hudson River Park
(just off of Christopher St)

Please arrive at the event between 11:30am & 12noon. The winners will be announced at 1:00pm.

If you have any questions, or are just excited to sign up, give the ATDF a jingle at (646) 230-9564 or

We cannot wait to have you join in the fun and participate in our Tap Treasures Hunt and Tour 2015! What better way to learn about tap dance, than to visit some of its most treasured locations first-hand.

Registration begins Monday, March 23, 2015

In the meantime, start brushing up on your tap dance history!


* * * * *

Questions call: 646-230-9564