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Youth Program Tuition and Fees:

Annual Tuition per class



Annual Registration fee



Spring Concert fee


No Concert fee for Pre-Tap

Annual Total


Pre-Tap Total:  $740

Payment Plan (no surcharge) $235 Per Trimester (see below)
Advanced Technique for Teens & Adults

$20 Single

$600 (All Year)

No Registration Fee Required


About the fees:

Concert Fee:  The Spring Concert features the students in ATDF classes.  All students who plan to perform in the Spring Concert pay the $75 Concert Fee.  Pre-Tap students do not perform in the Concert and do not pay the fee. The fee covers a simple costume, rental of the auditorium, hiring musicians and professional guest artist, technical requirements and tickets for family and friends.  Concert date TBA.



Family Registration Fee (one fee for all siblings):  $40

Sibling discount:  $60 off total for each additional sibling

2nd & 3rd class per week discount:  $60 off total for 2nd class/week

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Tuition Due Dates:

Continuing Students:  tuition and fees due on 1st day of class

New Students:  tuition and fees due before 2nd class

Payment plan due dates:  Week of Sep 15, Jan 5, Mar 29


Scholarships for Youth classes:

Available through the Gregory Hines Youth Scholarship Fund.

Visit Scholarships for a downloadable application. 

Payment Plan Option (3 payments due Sept, Jan & Mar):


1st pmt Sept

2nd pmt Jan

3rd pmt Mar

Annual Total

Tuition payments





Annual Registration Fee





Spring Concert Fee










Pre-Tap Totals






Indicate on the registration form if you are selecting the 3-Installment Payment Plan Option.  The Registrar will send you a Payment Plan Agreement.


Late payment fee:  $20 charge on installment payments over 30 days late.