Tap Preservation Awards

The annual Tap Preservation Award is given to an outstanding individual or organization in the field,

for the superior advancement of tap dance through presentation and preservation.

2004 - Jane Goldberg is a "rara avis:” a dancer who is also a dance writer and historian. In 1972, the tap dancing of Astaire and Rogers infected her imagination, and as a result, she studied tap and began to write about it for Boston newspapers. She approached tap with a political sensibility and set off to revive interest in tap by seeking out elderly retired tap greats, apprenticing herself to many of them, interviewing them, and documenting their lives and work. She performs her new genre of Topical Tap, often in collaboration with Sarah Safford, which examines politics, Judaism, safe sex, and more. In 1979, Goldberg founded Changing Times Tap Dancing Co, Inc., which toured the U.S. and Europe. Goldberg herself tapped in India on two Fulbright scholarships, is the inventor of the tap-a-gram, and is a well-known teacher. She is the recipient of the 2002 Flo-Bert Award for her contributions to the art of Tap Dance.

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