Hoofer Awards

The annual Hoofer Award recognizes prominent tap artists as leaders in the community

for their unique contribution to the form and for inspiring future generations.

2002 - Dr. Jimmy Slyde was one of the world's great tap masters whose career spans almost six decades. His remarkable trademark style was developed in the duo the Slyde Brothers, with his former partner, Jimmy ‘Sir Slyde’ Mitchell. In addition to his Tony-Nominated role in Black and Blue, he has appeared with the Original Hoofers in 1000 Years of Jazz and the films THE COTTON CLUB, ROUND MIDNIGHT, ABOUT TAP, and TAP. He has performed in major tap festivals, concert halls, and clubs throughout Europe and the U.S. He was the originator and host of weekly tap shows at New York's jazz clubs, La Cave and La Place, which featured some of the brightest young tappers, along with star performers. He was a featured performer at a special White House performance on American dance, hosted by Savion Glover, and at Carnegie Hall's Tribute to the Nicholas Brothers. Tribute was paid to him in 1993 at the Miller Theatre, where the New York Tap Dance Community gathered to celebrate his 45 Years of Foot Poetry-In-Motion. Most recently, he received a historic honorary degree of Doctor of Performing Arts in American Dance from Oklahoma City University.

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