Selected Reviews


THE NEW JERSEY STAR-LEDGER “packs a world of performers onto a single stage”

Robert Johnson, Tap City 2010

ROBERTA ON THE ARTS “bursting with energy……….incredibly expansive tap dance extravaganza”

Dr. Roberta E. Zlokower, Tap City 2010

THE NEW YORK TIMES “slick ensemble numbers, elegant period glosses and tight choreography infused with other types of dance…..was nice to see so many explorations.”

Claudia La Rocco, Tap City 2009


THE NEW YORK TIMES "Generations and Genres Mix at a Tap-Dance Party”  "Sparkling performances”

Gia Kourlas, Tap City 2008


DANCE MAGAZINE/DANCE MEDIA.COM "now the new generation is made up of every race, nationality, and gender—and so was the audience at Tap City”

Wendy Perron, Tap City 2008

THE STAR-LEDGER "fabulous mix of generations and aesthetics.....spectacular dancing and inventive choreography"

Robert Johnson, Tap City 2008


THE NEW YORK TIMES "always breezy, hard dancing fun" "Tony Waag, the founder of the festival, is the most genial and relaxed of hosts, a slightly melancholic blithe spirit who overcame the usual odds of dance presenting…”

Jennifer Dunning, Tap City 2007 i

DANCE MAGAZINE " …rocked like never before.” " …put skill, musicality, and heart front and center.” "…it’s so easy when you know how.”

Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Tap City 2007 i

DANCEREVIEWTIMES " Tony Waag inserted a number for himself—his flair for the venerable art of song and dance never better…” " …his rich, breathy baritone brought us almost to tears. Pure understated melancholy.”

Sali Ann Kriegsman, Tap City 2007 i


THE NEW YORK TIMES “Style triumphed over mere technique and concept here, with one terrific act and soloist following another, building to mid-show standing ovations and a final jubilant roar from the audience”

Jennifer Dunning, Tap City 2007 i


THE STAR LEDGER “Producer Tony Waag reminds the tap community and its admirers just how far they’ve come and how far they still can go by working together”

Robert Johnson, Tap City 2007 i

BACKSTAGE.COM “What a pleasure it was to bask in the easy rhythms of tuneful old standards played with poise and sensitivity by a terrific trio led by a female drummer, Bernice ‘Boom Boom’ Brooks. Equally delightful was the opportunity to watch seasoned performers who deal in subtlety, nuance, and gentle, kind delivery of their artistic messages…”

Lisa Jo Sagolla, Tap City 2006

TIME OUT NEW YORK KIDS “…each summer, dancers, students and avid fans from around the world flock to New York’s Tap City festival to see the latest takes on this ever-evolving dance form.”

THE NEW YORK TIMES "Tap dancing goes global” " …the spirited, warmhearted evening emphasized choreographed routines in a traditionally improvised, idiosyncratic art form.”

Jennifer Dunning, Tap City 2006

THE STAR-LEDGER “Tap City shows that the dance form is alive and very healthy.” "Tony Waag, the organizer of the Tap City! festival, seems intent on destroying audiences’ preconceptions about tap dancing.”

Robert Johnson, Tap City 2006


THE NEW YORK TIMES "A joyful summer thunderstorm of busy, happy feet"

Gia Kourlas, Tap City 2005

THE VILLAGE VOICE "showbiz-hot and pomo cool"

Deborah Jowitt, Tap City 2005

NEWSDAY "Truly stellar turns...intriguing explorations taking tap into new areas"

Susan Reiter, Tap City 2005

DAILY NEWS "makes New York the center of the tap-dance universe"

David Hinckley, Tap City 2005

NEW YORK POST "annual unexpected and interesting change of pace."

Clive Barnes , Tap City 2005

THE STAR-LEDGER "Tap takes a step up"

Robert Johnson, Tap City 2005

THE NEW YORK TIMES "a happy-go-lucky affair with some surprises every year, with the irrepressible Mr. Waag, hovering over it all like a tap-dancing uncle."

Jennifer Dunning, Tap City 2005

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS " Tap City showcases the form's dazzling variety"

Claudia La Rocco, Tap City 2005

THE WESTSIDER "potpourri of tap styles"

Hilary Ostlere, Tap City 2005

GAY CITY "proved the widening horizon for a long popular dance form"

Lori Ortiz, Tap City 2005

DANCE MAGAZINE “summer lovefest…omnibus shows….hotter than July”
Eva Yaa Asantewa, Tap City 2004

THEATER SCENE “a nostalgic tribute to the greats of Tap Dance and a reminder of how valuable and cherished this dance form should be in our culture.”
Jeannie Lieberman, Tap City 2004

THE NEW YORK TIMES “The dancers’ individual styles, the relaxed staging and the genial patter of the tapmeister Tony Waag, who organizes this annual festival, showed that this distinctively American art form not only has a history but is alive and well in all its improvisational glory.”
Jennifer Dunning, Tap City 2003

BACK STAGE “Waag sets the festival’s overall tone of inclusiveness and respect—every imaginable style of tap dance was represented by performers who come in all colors, ages, and nationalities.”
Lisa Jo Sagolla, Tap City 2003

THE VILLAGE VOICE “All ages, all races, all genders—in love with the glorious sound of metal on wood.”
Deborah Jowitt, Tap City 2003

THE STAR LEDGER “Old time hoofers and youthful innovators contribute to art form’s growing global vitality” “each artist gave it his or her own spin, joining in an astonishing group improvisation that made the floorboards clatter with the creativity of an art form that is thriving.”
Robert Johnson, Tap City 2003

FINANCIAL TIMES “big tap names and some not so well known, entertained an audience who participated with claps, calls and snapping fingers.”
Hilary Ostlere, Tap City 2003

NEW YORK TIMES “Tap is a dance language known around the world. That message clattered forth joyfully …transcended cultural boundaries.”
Jack Anderson, Tap City 2002

NEWARK STAR LEDGER “… it wants to give you a big, warm hug. Wise dance lovers will not shrink from its loving embrace when the festival returns in 2003.”
Robert Johnson, Tap City 2002

VILLAGE VOICE “After his second successful year as producer, Tony Waag can confidently call New York Tap City.”
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Tap City 2002

VILLAGE VOICE “… the tap community – dropping in from as far afield as Japan and Slovakia – converged for classes, performances, and special events, delighting some of the warmest dance crowds I’ve ever seen.”
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Tap City 2002

VILLAGE VOICE “Public events at the Duke on 42nd Street reflected racial, cultural, generational, physical, and stylistic diversity that much of the dance world would do well to emulate. Shows celebrated tap’s history, its worldwide reach, and the influence on choreographic fancy of everything from postmodernism and social satire to classical music and Latin jazz.”
Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Tap City 2002


NEW YORK TIMES “Old tap and the new team up with affection... New York may once again be home to tap...”
Jennifer Dunning, Tap City 2001

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS “Clickety-click...Tap still puts its best foot forward... (O) alongside a new generation... (Savion) Glover, a wondrous dancer and magnetic personality...weaves tap into hip hop... explores new frontiers...”
David Hinckley, Tap City 2001

NEWARK STAR-LEDGER “... sheer excitement of the New York City Tap Festival... offered spectacular performances... heart-stealing lineup of youngsters... sheer razzle dazzle...“
Robert Johnson, Tap City 2001

NEW YORK POST “a mother lode of talent”
Barbara Hoffman, Tap City 2001

THE NEW YORKER “... a phalanx of tappers, both obscure and illustrious... converging on the City for workshops, jams and performances... “
Michael Kupperman, Tap City 2001

NEW YORK “…the Stomp cast will be sulking as Tap City 2001 steals their fan base for a week... “
Christopher Bonanos, Tap City 2001

VILLAGE VOICE “New York City Tap Festival converges on midtown... as several generations of stars line up to perform and teach... a brilliant patchwork.”
Voice Choices, Tap City 2001

NEW YORK AMSTERDAM NEWS “Thanks to Tony Waag and Gregory Hines, New York City will host its own festival... not just for tap dancers, but for everyone.”
Charmaine Warren, Tap City 2001