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Sound Check is a project of the ATDF and is currently in development.

Sound Check brings the incredible musical feet of an eclectic cast together in a unique fusion of percussive dance through a dynamic and whimsical composition that blends international music, percussion, text, imagery, improvisation, and choreography.

Conceived as a ‘state of the union’ address for the art form, Sound Check presents some of the most versatile ‘voices’ working in the field today and educates the public about the vast breadth and scope of Tap, from improvisation to new choreography, solo to group dances; classical to rhythm tap.

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A Salute to the Copasetics

Co-created and directed by Brenda Bufalino and Tony Waag

An evening filled with song and dance and rarely seen film clips of the Copasetics with performances by leading hoofers in the field! A Salute to the Copasetics pays tribute to our mentors the legendary Copasetics. We honor and remember the amazing contributions and philosophies of the late Charles 'Honi' Coles, the late Charles 'Cookie' Cook, the late James 'Buster' Brown, the late Leslie 'Bubba' Gaines, the late Ernest 'Brownie' Brown and ALL of the 'masters of swing' that passed on to us their incredible love of the art of tap dancing, as well as their great traditions, swinging dances and songs, infectious laughter and humor, and a strong ethic of comradeship and mutual respect!"

Tony Waag

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Definition of COPASETIC:  very satisfactory!

Rhythm in Motion is an annual event, showcasing the rich diversity of contemporary tap dance with a combination of young and emerging talent as well as premier choreographers in the field.

“Rhythm in Motion celebrates the art of tap dance and expands, and challenges, the limited perception that tap is considered either too old-fashioned or too commercial to be taken seriously. There are many different styles of tap dance today, all valid and all incredibly interesting, complex and diverse. Most people have no idea tap dance is practiced, presented and perfected all over the world. Though it was developed and incubated in lower Manhattan and born from a melting pot of cultures, it has now been embraced by tappers throughout the globe, from Australia to Brazil, Germany, Japan, Spain and more. Rhythm in Motion presents the future of tap - a future that is exciting, fascinating and filled with variety.” Tony Waag


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Tap City on Tour has toured nationally since 2004 in California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Road Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. International performance highlights include State Department Tours of Armenia and Romania.

Tap City on Tour
brings full evening performances that showcase the best of the annual New York City Tap Festival to cities throughout North America and Internationally. The cast of Tap City is drawn from a list of performers who have been featured in the New York City Tap Festival since it’s inception in 2001. Tap City on Tour is available for touring October-November, and February-April. The company also offers master classes in tap for all levels of students as well as 50-minute programs for young people.

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Tap City is the preeminent tap dance festival of the world and is the quintessential celebration of our collective American heritage – virtues that are certainly evident in tap’s hometown, New York City.


Each year, Tap City offers expansive adult, pre-professional and youth training programs with internationally renowned teachers and numerous diverse premiere performances & city-wide events.

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The Rockin’ in Rhythm Teen Tap Ensembles Concert brings together dynamic and diverse youth ensembles from across the country to perform their best works on a New York City stage, and learn new rhythms and moves with their contemporaries in special master classes. Our goal is to unite, share and inspire through a weekend of rockin’ rhythms & music.






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